Liquid Silk Water Based Lubricant Triple Pack - (250 ml)

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If you are looking for lube that can be used for any kind of fun in the bedroom, then your search is almost over. The Liquid Silk Water Based Lubricant Triple Pack - (250 ml) is the perfect purchase for those who want a lube that can keep up with them all night.

Liquid Silk Water Based Lubricant is a best-selling lube at Esmale. It is 100% condom compatible and perfect for anal sex, toys, masturbation and massage! As one of the most versatile lubes available online, it has become not just one of our bestselling lubes, but one of our bestselling products altogether.

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Liquid Silk Water Based Lubricant Triple Pack - (250ml)

If you have never tried Liquid Silk water based lubricant before, then it comes highly recommended by our customers. This versatility has made it one of the bestselling lubes on our site. Whatever you choose to use it for, you can be sure that it will last and last. This is a lube that you can count on time and time again.

Save When You Buy Liquid Silk

When you shop for Liquid silk lubricant here at Esmale, you can be sure that you are getting this incredible lube for an equally incredible price. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the amazing silky feel of this lube, which is why we’ve kept our prices low. Picking up a Liquid silk triple pack means that you’ll be able to save on each bottle. So, whether you’re trying it for the first time or just want to stock up on your favourite lube, you’ll be able to do so without breaking the bank.

Why You Should Buy a Triple Pack

Save money with this triple pack of Liquid Silk! When you shop for lube, it’s natural to keep an eye out for a bargain. Well, they don’t come much better than this! When you buy a triple pack of our bestselling Liquid silk lube, you’ll be saving an impressive amount on each bottle. The more you buy, the more you save – which is why it always makes sense to pop a multi pack into your basket.

Can Be Used with Toys and Condoms

Of course, you’ll want to be sure that your new lube is safe to use with toys and all condoms. That is guaranteed with Liquid Silk lube, so you can practise safe sex without giving up on any of the pleasure, and your toys won’t be affected. More and more men are choosing to bring sex toys into the bedroom and finding the right lube for them helps to prolong their lifespan and keep sex as safe and hygienic as possible.

Ideal for Massage

This lube also doubles up as a skin conditioner, which makes it ideal for foreplay and intimate massage. Massage is one of the best ways to relax before sex and being able to use the same lube for foreplay and the main event not only saves time, but money too! You’ll only have to pick up one bottle for all of your needs, making shopping a breeze. We know that for many of our customers, this little bottle of magic is their hero purchase, seeing them through many nights of passion.


Another great thing about Liquid Silk lube is that it doesn't become sticky or tacky during use, so it’s a lube that is really comfortable for both parties to use. There is nothing worse than getting into the mood only to have to stop and apply more lube. This, you’ll be pleased to know, is a lubricant with serious stamina. Whether you are using toys or enjoying anal sex with your lover, this lube will keep things slick and comfortable all night long.

Easy to Clean Up

While many lubes enhance the sexual experience, they can be messy and hard to clean up. You won’t need to worry about that if you pick up a triple pack of Liquid Silk lube. As we mentioned, it’s non-sticky and doesn’t become tacky while you are using it. It's easy to clean up after use, so whether you freshen up with a wipe or jump in the shower, it will wash off easily, leaving no trace at all.

Lasts All Night

You need that little extra lubrication for anal, which is why men can’t get enough of Liquid Silk. It is an excellent choice for anal sex to help you slide in and go all night! This is a lube that makes the experience great for both tops and bottoms, keeping things slick and comfortable for as long as you need them to. Paired with some of our condoms, it allows you to have sex that’s safe and stress free. If you’re looking for the perfect lube for anal, then this should be the first thing on your shopping list.

Mild and Odourless

While plenty of men enjoy the taste of flavoured lube, it is certainly not for everyone. If you are looking for a lube that won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth, then look no further than Liquid Silk. It's generally odourless and tasteless, meaning that you can still enjoy oral sex as part of your fun without needing to clean off. Suitable for vegetarians and does not contain aspartame, so plenty of men can enjoy it without any concerns. It’s suitable for the most intimate of uses, as its gentle formula doesn’t irritate. If you’re a guy who likes to play the field, you can be sure that this is a lube that most partners will love to use.


Highly Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, Palmitate, Dimethicone (2% Silicone), Cellulose Polymer, Polysorbate 60, Sorbitan Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate NSE, B.N.P.D, Di Sodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Methyl Paraben, Butyl Paraben, Ethyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, BHT.

Shop our full range of Liquid Silk here.

Why Shop with Us?

Spend and save on every item ordered with Esmale Bonus Points! Each time you shop with us, you’ll add points to your balance. You can then redeem these points on later purchases. So when you pick up a Liquid Silk Triple Pack today, you’ll be able to save on more naughty treats in the future. That’s another reason it pays to shop at Esmale! You can also count on discreet packaging from the Esmale team with fast global delivery!

Why People Love Liquid Silk Lube

Lube is a Must Buy

No matter what you are getting up to in the bedroom, it’s so important to use lube. A high quality lube will reduce any friction that occurs during sex. This will not only make sex much more comfortable for both partners, but it will also help to prevent any split condoms or injuries. Those are two of the leading causes of the spread of STIs, so using a good lube will really help you to protect your intimate health. With its non-sticky formula, Liquid Silk is the sensible choice.

The Perfect Lube for Toy Lovers

When you shop for lube, it’s important to browse with more than just penetrative sex in mind. As we mentioned beforehand, more and more men are choosing to experiment with sex toys – whether that’s a vibrator, a dildo, a prostate massager, or some anal beads and plugs. It’s really vital to find a lube that’s suitable for use with sex toys, as some materials such as silicone can break down when used with the wrong kind of lube. Liquid Silk is suitable for use with all of our sex toys, so you can go ahead and shop with confidence.

A Brand We Trust

Here at Esmale, we only stock brands that we know you will love. When it comes to lube, we know that only the best will do. That’s why we supply Liquid Silk – one of the most trusted lubricant brands in the UK. They’re a name that you can count on when it comes to quality, and their lubes are made with care and attention to detail. So you can use them for lovemaking with total peace of mind. Sometimes, it’s nice to just treat yourself to the best.

A Lube You Can Use All Night

It makes sense to invest in a lube that can be used for a variety of different applications. Liquid Silk is just that. Instead of picking up a lube that you can use with condoms, a lube that’s perfect for anal sex and a lube that you can safely use with toys, you can just buy one that works for all three! So all it takes to improve your love life is a few clicks. You won’t have to shop around or compare products, meaning you can enjoy your new lube as soon as possible.

Check Out Our Liquid Silk Lubricant Reviews

We want you to be able to shop with confidence here at Esmale. That’s why we encourage all of our customers to leave honest, unbiased reviews. So when it comes to shopping for your lube, you’ll be able to see what other customers just like you thought of it. Our Liquid Silk triple pack has some great reviews – so why not take a look before you add yours to your basket? You’ll be able to see that it’s not just us who thinks that it’s great – our customers do as well!

Delivery You Can Trust

When you shop with us, you can count on quick UK delivery. As soon as we receive your order, we’ll get to work packing it and preparing it for delivery right away. When it is sent out to you, it will be packaged in discreet packaging. So you can have it delivered to your home or workplace with no fear of your neighbours, housemates or colleagues knowing what is inside your parcel. We really value your need for privacy and will never do anything to embarrass you.

We’re Here to Help

We are here to answer any questions that you may have. Whether it is related to the Liquid Silk triple pack or another aspect of your order, a member of our team will be able to get to the bottom of your query in no time at all. Our advisors are very friendly and knowledgeable and will be able to answer questions about all our products with the discretion and care that you’d expect from a leading adult retailer. That’s why our customers know that they can rely on us time after time.

Enjoy Your New Liquid Silk Lube!

We really hope that you enjoy your new Liquid Silk triple pack! It’s one of the most popular products that we have every sold here at Esmale, and our customers keep coming back for more! It’s a product that will last for a long time, but we’re sure that as soon as this magical, all-purpose lube starts to run low, you will be racing back to us to place a repeat order. When you do, we’ll be only too delighted to welcome you – and show you what else is new on our site!

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