J Lube is the best selling anal fisting lube powder in the store. A must have for Anal Fisting and heavy anal play

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J lube is one of the best selling anal fisting lube in our store. Not only on our store, but also globally, J lube is seen as one of the best lube when it comes to hardcore anal play. This bottles contains a concentrated powder that dissolves easily in water making it a quality silky inert and non-irritating lubricant. One botlle will provide you with many litres of lube. On this page you will also see J Jelly which is an already prepaired version of J Lube for greater ease. In our Fisting Lube Area there are many other powders and to be fair many of them are at least just as good, but somehow it is always J-Lube that most customers return to. I assume it might be to do with the brand name and the fact that it is used by vets, giving it the extra trust value.

How to Prepare J Lube

This is a topic that has many opinions and I am sure there will be customers that prepare J-lube slightly different to us. A super quick thing you can do when in a hurry is shake some powder into your hands, run your hands under the tap for water and you are all lubed up. J Lube can be also quickly be prepared by adding a healthy dose into a microwave safe bowl with a small amount (3 to 4 ounces) of water. The next step is to stir enough J-Lube to make the water a bit cloudy. The water will have a lot of clumps floating around so add that mixture to the microwave and blitz it. It will begin to boil and froth in the microwave, when you see that the amount of liquid has reduced a bit, stop the microwave and take the bowl out carefully. Add some more water and stir it well. Now let the J Lube cool down and you are ready to go. If you have a different way of making J-Lube please leave a product review. This way customers will be have all the options to chose from.

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