ID Lube

ID Lube

ID Lube is one of our best selling high quality Lubricants, Water and Silicone based for better bedroom fun!

ID Lube

One of the best know lube brands in the world. ID lubricants are great quality and they offer great variety within their range. You can select from water based, silicone based and within that there are various different consistencies. In term of bottle size, they offer small bottles, large bottle and also handy travel size bottles.

All their lube is premium and long lasting. The best seller is ID Glide, this lube is great for all occasions and works very well with sex toys and is condom safe. There is also and extreme version of ID glide simply called Xtreme and is formulated with Friction Reduction Technology. With an extra focus on anal sex ID Lube offers “backslide” this is a specially formulated premium silicone-based anal lube which provides a natural, muscle relaxing effect, for more of these lubricants please click this link, anal lube. If you like your lube to heat up, then try the sensations. The ID Lube Sensations Warming Liquid is made up of unique ingredients that warm upon contact with skin, making sex hotter than ever before!

So, whatever you need from your lubricants, ID Lube have it for you. We order directly from them so we can offer great prices and ensure you get real deal. We often have promotions on. Please sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with all the offers and new product announcement. Also, if you sign up to our newsletter, we will email you a discount code which you can use for your order. All products are shipped from our warehouse in the UK and we offer free UK shipping with orders over £20. Your order will be shipped within 24 hours of ordering apart from weekends, which starts on Friday at 14.00, when we will hopefully be needing to use lube ourselves.

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