Electro Sex

Electro Sex

Estim toys for men, electrostimulation shockingly good. We have great selection of electro sex toys for both couple and solo play, enjoy

E stim Gay and Electro Sex Toys

Want to shake things up a little? We mean this literally as on this page you will find some shockingly good E stim gay gear or electro sex toys that will leave you shaking with excitement. These toys use electricity instead of vibrations, there are various setting in the control so you can decide how strong you want the stimulation to be. If you have never used E stim gay gear, then you are in for a shock! Make sure you have a stimulator pack first otherwise the additional products will not work. The e stim stimulator is what provide the electricity.

We have some anal and cock gear on this page so you can have fun on both ends. The electro sex plugs, and dildo are quite the sensation. The cock rings are also great, just think what the electric stimulation will provide when you are in action, it really ads another dimension. These products are premium and not the cheapest, however they are durable and more importantly they will provide with great pleasure for a very long time.

We test the fast majority of the products on our store and you can imagine the fun out testers have had with this range. One thing as for certain they all came back with very positive feedback, even the ones that were a bit hesitant to start with. They could not all handle the maximum setting and some simply preferred the stimulation to not be so strong. It just proves for those that like it a bit more hardcore our e stim gay range has the power to do it. Go and have a look through the electro sex toys and we hope you find one that you will enjoy.

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