Tunnel Butt Plugs

Tunnel Butt Plugs

Great tunnel butt plugs or some might call them fuck plugs. These are for hot hardcore play and will add an extra dimension to your normal butt plugs

Amazing Tunnel Butt Plug Collection

Are you up for some amazing anal play? Look no further our tunnel butt plug range will provide you with hours of intense anal action.

These are often referred to as fuck tunnels or plugs for the obvious reason that you can put your manhood in there whilst it is inserted into a sexy bum. This provide so much more fun than your normal butt plugs. Our collection has small and big tunnels to please to smallest or biggest of holes. For those into “yellow” can use those tunnels for other purposes as well, if you know what I mean then it is meant for you, lol. These tunnel b

Tunnel Butt Plug brands

We have several brands here with the most popular being Brutus and Stretch. The difference between these and for example the boy toys ones is that they are open ended and a bit more hardcore. The boy toy ones are also a bit softer and stretch a bit more making them super comfortable. We are always on the lookout for new brands so if you have a brand you want but we do not have these in our store please email us and we will look into sourcing the brand. We buy directly from most suppliers which allows us to give you the best prices and it is also good for quality control.

Why Buy your Tunnel Butt Plug from esmale?

There are various reasons to get your products from us but here are some of the benefits;

Great value for money High quality products Free UK shipping for orders over £20 Save money through our bonus points, registered customers only Fast, secure and discreet shipping We are a lovely bunch just wanted to add some spice to the bedroom

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