Nipple Play

Nipple Play

From Nipple suckers to grips and clams, we have it all. We also have some great electro versions. Great items to have a good play with your nipples. 

Nipple Suckers, Clamps and more

At esmale we focus on stocking products that can optimise and take advantage of all pleasure spots. One of the most sensitive areas are your nipples. This probably explains why our Gay Nipple Play products sell so well. Nipple play is not for everybody as not all men have the same reaction to nipple suckers or them being twisted. However, there is a huge group of men that get off on it and in the gay scene it is also a "thing". One of our customers mentioned, "Having a guy playing with my nipples is the closest thing to pleasure than getting a blow job, apart from of course actually getting a blow job" 

Nipples are surrounded by smooth muscle fibres, these fibres are the cause of nipple getting erect when aroused or cold. Some are more sensitive than others.

Nipple Play Toys

We have great selection of Nipple Play Toys. We have nipple suckers, clamps, screws and more. We even have a pinwheel to stimulate this erotic part of your body. In general the nipple suction toys are the most popular followed by the stainless steel and weighted items. We test all our products to ensure you get the best and we stock big brands such as Colt, Oxballs and Fetish Fantasie. Just a little note of warning, if you play with your nipples a lot and especially if you use weighted nipple clamps, your nipples will most likely increase in size. For many guys this is actually something they are aiming for, as in some people's eyes this looks hot and is also a sign that you are into Gay Nipple Play. Now let the fun begin and check out our selection.

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