Toy Cleaner

Toy Cleaner

How to clean sex toys? Easy, use our quality sex toy cleaners. The better you look after your toys the longer they last. Our selection is small but these are good and are great value

Sex Toys Cleaner

Keep your sex toys nice, clean and more durable with your sex toys cleaner collection. For this we have chosen only a few products that we know are good. Why offer an entire collection that all do the same thing? The products we have selected have been around for many years and have a proven itself. For various reasons it is important to keep your toys clean. One of the main reasons is hygiene especially if you use your toys on someone else. It will also keep your toys lasting longer and reduces nasty smells that might happen if you do not clean you toys. As with everything in our gay sex shop we buy directly from the source to offer you the best prices.

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