Masturbation Lube

Masturbation Lube

Great masturbation Lube, get the most out of your play time with our wanking lube range, enjoy!

Best wanking lube for serious masturbation

We all know and love a good wank occasionally., some more often than other. You might be surprised to learn that masturbating with a good lube might make it even better. For that reason, we have included this page where you will find masturbation lube that is especially made for it or has had great feedback. 

Gun oil stroke and the Swiss Navy both have masturbation lube designed for good time on your own or a good wank together. The consistency is silky and feels great so if we had to recommend a lube for wanking it would be these. In addition, we have also included Liquid Silk and ID Glide on this page as these seem to be by far the best sellers. The ID sensations comes with that added bonus that it heats up which, trust me, feels extra special.

For fantasy purposes we thought to include our Spunk lube, no need to explain why, we will leave this to your imagination.

Now, time to select your lube so we can get it to you ASAP so you can focus on the business in hand….enjoy!

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