Swiss Navy

Swiss Navy

Swiss Navy Lube is one of our premium anal lube brands. We get it directly from the US and have quality water and silocone lube availale.

Swiss Navy Lube

It is not only the design of the bottles that are great, the quality is superior to many other anal lube brands. The product comes from the USA and we offer it at great value. We are not sure where the name Swiss Navy comes from but in our imagination, it is all to do with Swiss hunks, wishful thinking I am sure. These lubes are very long lasting and you do not to re-apply all the time. This is great as there is nothing worse than having to lube up all the time during sex. There are 3 different sizes; 59ml, 118ml and 237ml. The smaller sizes are great to take with you on your travels or a trip to the sauna / sex party.

Water-based and Silicone Swiss Navy Lube 

We have 3 different types of lube. The water-based lube is an all-rounder, great for masturbation, anal sex and also great to use with toys. The silicone lube is also excellent with masturbation and anal sex. Silicone lube can however damage some sex toys, so be careful and always check the lube or toy you are going to play with, making sure it is compatible. Lastly, we have the premium anal lubricant, this is especially designed for comfortable and great anal sex. The active additional ingredient in this lube is clove which is a mild numbing agent that helps to make anal sex more comfortable.

Premium Masturbation and Maxsize creams from Swiss Navy

In addition to the anal lube they also produce 2 specialty products. The premium Masturbation cream works with your body heat to give you some of the best wanks you will ever experience. This is especially designed for male masturbation. It is thick, long lasting and also good for the skin. Now to the Maxsize male enhancement cream, this product is selling like nothing else. This cream is designed to provide you with a fuller and bigger erection. This product is one of the few male performance products engineered with Vazogen Transdermal Technology (VTT). VTT is a scientific advancement that allows for quick absorption and immediate results. In addition, Maxsize also includes Butea Superba, this is an ingredient designed to lock-in the enzyme responsible for enhancing erectile response. 

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