Anal numbing lube

Anal numbing lube

Our desensitizing and numbing lube collection ensures you can enjoy anal sex in comfort. Or if you buy gay sex toys a numbing lube might be very useful.

anal numbing lube

We all know that anal sex can at times feel uncomfortable, some experience this as pleasure and other not so much. If you are part of the latter group then you are at the right place here as we have a great selection of lube that can reduce this pain or uncomfortableness. Our collection of anal numbing lube includes big brands like Pjur and Fist. The best sellers are K Number gel, ID Lube, Frist grease numbing and Pjur Backdoor. Ingredients like Jojoba or spilanthes extracts are often responsible for the extra relaxation. We have also added come lube applicators on this page for deeper insertion of the lube. Always use with care. If you have any questions regarding anal numbing lube or anything else feel free to contact us by email or just give us a call, we have a team here that are more than happy to assist you.
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