Lube Applicators

Lube Applicators

Lubricant Applicator, great for applying lube deep and proper. Ready for good sex. Great lube shooters

Anal lube applicator

This collection is perfect to get the in the rights places. An anal lube applicator can deliver the lube deeper inside which can result in a more satisfying experience. These applicators can be used by anyone, but we find that customers that buy larger and longer toys or are into fisting often add a lube applicator to the basket.

It just makes going deeper or wider less painful and more comfortable. We only have a small collection as we do not see the need to have many of them. Simply put this anal lube applicator collection does what it need to do and there is not much more to it. The only extra comment is toward the Colt Master Cleanser, this product can hold more liquid and is longer than the others. It can therefore also be used as an anal douche, this makes it probably the best value for money.

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