Whips, Paddles & Slappers

Whips, Paddles & Slappers

Get spanked with our gay spanking paddle collection and whips plus slappers. Enjoy fun and red bums.

Gay Spanking Paddle collection

Are you ready to get or deliver some red bum buns? Our gay spanking paddle collection and whips plus slapper are great. Like a nice whipping with a rubber whip or do you prefer large paddle make sure you listen? The leather flogger seems to be a hit, you can tickle and slap, whatever you prefer. We also have a gay spanking paddle collection that has word like, Slut and Pig engraved, this will show on your bum after a good spanking session. If you are not after too much pain, we also have a soft rubber whip and a gay spanking paddle which is fur-line. All the products are of a high quality and should last a long time. So, happy slapping.
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