Urethral Sounds

Urethral Sounds

Penis sounding, great intense fun. We have a selection of sounds for excellent urethra insertion. Go Deep or enjoy a sperm stopper.

Penis Sounding

Get acces to a complety new kind of pleasure, moving a sounds through the urethra is an extremely nice sensation and it only gets better after the first few times. Penis Sounding is also a perfect foreplay and can improve erections. There are many nerve endings on the top of the penis head and in the urethra itself. This provides intense pleasure with the right tools. This is what one of our customers had to say about it."Penis sounding feels like your are being touched inside in a way you will have never experienced before and cannot experience any other way. In a way it feels a bit unnatural BUT it is strangly good and very satisfying".

Buy Penis Sounding Products

You cannot just put anything in your urethra, you have to be carefull what you buy. In our store we only have products that have been tested and come from reputable brands such as Sport Fucker, Oxballs and Mister B. Our Stainlees steel Urethral Sounds collection is very popular and the cold feeling of the steel is an extra stimulus. As with all our products we pack all our products discreetly and ship all over the world.

For those whom Penis Sounding is a new experience, make sure you get the right size. Getting the right Urethral Sound and taking your time are 2 important things to keep it safe. Here are a few more tips:

Clean your hands, penis and Urethral Sound. Apply lots of waterbased clean lube to your penis and the sound. Start with half an erect penis, hold your penis in one hand and open the urethra, place the penis sounds at the entrance and slowly enter. Don't risk forcing it. Once the penis sound is in you can try and move it around and up and down, this will unleash the pleasurable sensations in the nerve ending. Again, do it on your own pace, with the correct size tool. For many guys the real goal is to go in deep enough so you can also stimulate the prostate, a target only achieved by men that have been Penis Sounding for a long time.

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