Mr B Lube

Mr B Lube

Mister B Lube collection. These lubricants and butter are great for Anal Sex, Sex Toy Play and Fisting. High quality and excellent value.

Mister B Lube

Here you will find an amazing range of lubricants. The Mister B lube range is second to none, they use the very best ingredients and have numerous speciality lubes focussed on hardcore sex. For example Mister B Glide EXTREME is a relaxing and desensitising silicone-based lube that helps facilitate a pain free penetration. In addition to this they offer great lube for fisting and play with sex toys. 

We have a great relation with Mister B and are delighted to offer you all these great lubes in the UK for excellent value. There is a lot to choose from so have a look around and select the lube that fits your needs.

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