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Tof Paris. 

If you are looking for an amazing set of sexy underwear or gear you have come to the right place. TOF Paris designs high quality fashion at great value. Have a look around and we hope there is something on this page that you love.

TOF Paris Underwear.

TOF Paris was founded in 2016 by Sylvain. Born in Cameroon in 1977, Sylvain was inspired by his seamstress mother, and begun to design his own patterns by the age of 10.

In 2005, he decided to move to France to make his childhood dream come true: where TOF Paris was founded in late 2015. TOF is short for “Trends of Friends”

Originally TOF Paris focused on Party and Club gear and launched trends, such as short shorts and ecological leather harnesses, now featured by many brands. Since then, TOF has remained at the cutting edge of “Party Fashion”.  Incorporating amazing fabrics: French lace, glitter, fluorescent, "metallic" materials, etc.

Since 2018, TOF Paris embraced the Fetish world and have produced designs, initially in leather and latex. Underwear, shorts, imitation leather pants, full-zip hoods, harnesses ... Now focusing on sensual fabrics and super sexy cuts that scintillate and tantalise ... the attention to detail is what makes the difference

TOF Paris, are innovating, surprising, inventing and creating, without ever stopping.

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