FIST Grease Numbing - 400ml

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Do you want to take your anal play to the next level? Then this could be the perfect lube for you. We are delighted to introduce the FIST Grease Numbing lube, which has quickly become one of the most popular lubes on our site. FIST Grease Numbing is a rich and numbing lube that is perfect for guys who want to play harder and for longer! Whether you want to get adventurous with a partner or you want to play with some large sex toys, this lube will keep discomfort at bay all night long.

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Here at Esmale, we are passionate about bringing you the best products at the best prices. Our range of lubes is so extensive, and this FIST grease numbing lube is one of the hottest additions to our extensive selection. It’s available at one of the best prices you’ll find online, so you can snap some up and totally transform your sex life today. With fast, discreet shipping on all orders too, there’s no better place to shop for lube online!

FIST Grease Numbing – 400ml

FIST Grease Numbing is a rich and numbing lube that is perfect for guys who want to play harder and for longer!  For those who have been longing to take their play to the next level but have been worried about pain and discomfort, the perfect lube has well and truly arrived! This lube can stand up to the most adventurous, hardcore play, and will keep things slick for much longer than rival lubes. It doesn’t matter if you have a lover, are playing the field or just want a long lasting lube for solo use – this lubricant by FIST will not disappoint!

Eases Anal Discomfort

How many times have you tried to take your play to the next level, only to have been stopped in your tracks by some intimate discomfort? Then this is the lube for you. This long lasting FIST grease lube contains Eugenol which provides a numbing effect so you can play hard, long and deep! So the only sensation that you feel will be pleasure, leading to lots more fun in the bedroom! The effects are really long lasting, so you won’t have to worry about the numbing effect wearing off too quickly. If you are the kind of man who likes to go all night, we really couldn’t recommend this lube highly enough.

Long Lasting FIST Grease Lube

There are few things more irritating than a lube that feels great initially, but soon dries out and needs to be reapplied. Not only can this lead to discomfort, it also ruins the mood if you need to keep stopping to reapply lube! Well, there’s no need to worry about that when you invest in this bestselling lube by FIST. It stays slick for the duration of sexual activity, so you can just focus on having fun and getting off, rather than constantly having to reach for the bottle for more!

FIST Grease Numbing is Easy to Clean

While you want a lube that can stand up to plenty of use, you don’t want to have to spend ages cleaning up when the fun is over. So many long lasting lubes are sticky and stay on your skin, and require a serious amount of effort to wash away. Thankfully, this lube is the exact opposite. This popular FIST lube is easy to clean with just soap and water, making cleaning up after sex so easy. Whether you’re just having a quick freshen up or you’re heading straight to the shower with your lover, this lube will wash away and leave you feeling clean, fresh and ready for more!

Safe for Intimate Use

If you are going to use a product on your most intimate areas, then you want to be sure that it is made from safe, high quality ingredients. You can order this lube with peace of mind, as FIST Grease Numbing is smooth, creamy and long lasting, and is parabens free! This makes it ideally suited to intimate use, and plenty of people will be able to use it. No wonder it has quickly become not just one of the most popular lubes on our site, but one of our most popular products altogether.

A Size to Suit You

This lube is available in either 150ml or 400ml tubs. The 150ml tub is small enough to be slipped into a bag or pocket, so you can have fun with it during a naughty weekend away or at your partner’s home. The 400ml tub is obviously quite a bit larger, which makes it ideal to keep close at hand in your bedroom, so that you can have fun with it whenever you want to! Many of our customers buy FIST grease numbing lube in both sizes, so they can use this lube when and where it suits them.

Important Information:

If you want to practise safe sex, then please note: FIST Grease Numbing lube is not safe to use with latex condoms. There’s no reason why you cannot use this lube for anal sex if both you and your lover are clean, and if you don’t want to use it for sex than you can always use it for foreplay and other kinds of anal fun! Lots of our customers use it solely for fisting, as it takes away a lot of discomfort and allows you to really relax and enjoy yourself. So while it’s not safe for use with latex condoms, there’s no reason why you can’t get a lot out of it!

Check out our full range of FIST products including underwear, gloves and lube!

Buy FIST Grease Numbing Lube Online

For great sex, you need great lube – and there are few better than this one! A great lube stays super-slick and slippery all night long, is safe for intimate use, and is really easy to clean up afterwards. Luckily for you, this bestselling lubricant by FIST ticks all of those boxes! If you want to take your bedroom play to the next level and experiment with sex, foreplay and toys, this lube will be something that you reach for again and again.

Shop Our FIST Product Range

Here at Esmale, we are proud to stock the brands that you know and trust; and FIST are just one of those iconic names that customers all over the world have come to rely on. We stock a wide range of FIST products, so why not see what else takes your fancy after you have added the FIST grease numbing lube to your basket? You can count on the same high quality across the entire range, and of course you can count on some real bargains when you shop with us!

Ease Anxiety With FIST Grease Numbing Lube

Do you feel anxious and uptight before sex? So many guys feel nervous before anal – and that can make you tighter and much more likely to feel pain, which then makes you feel anxious – and the cycle repeats itself. You can stop your sex-related anxiety in its tracks by investing in some of this lube. The numbing effect means that sex will be pain-free, allowing you to relax and really let a lover or a toy in.

No one should feel fearful about having sex, and this numbing lube will allow you to take back control and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling love life.

Save On Your Lube

When you buy FIST grease numbing lube from our site, you will be able to save money. We’re so pleased to be able to bring this lube to you at one of the best prices you’ll find online, so you can stock up on a great lube without breaking the bank. That’s not the only way you’ll save though. As this lube is incredibly long lasting, you won’t need to apply so much over the course of an evening. So, you won’t need to buy a new tub as often, leaving your money in your wallet.

Check Out Our Reviews

We could talk about this FIST lube all day long, but we know that you would rather here from guys just like you. That’s why we encourage all of our customers to leave honest, impartial reviews on our site. As you can see, this lube has been a real hit with some of our customers. Being able to check out reviews means that you can buy a product with more confidence, and you can also see how other guys are using it! So take a moment to read through those if you want a little more reassurance before you buy.

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