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If you are looking for a lubricant like no other, then J Lube could be the perfect product for you. Unlike many other lubricants, J Lube is a powder-based lube formula that mixes with water to create an ultra-thick non-drying lube ideal for anal sex and fisting! It’s a lube that’s ultra-slippery, doesn’t dry out, and is suitable for the most sensitive, intimate use. It’s because of this that it has become one of the most popular products on our site.

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So what makes J Lube so special? Well, it is a powder-based lube formula that mixes with water to create an ultra-thick non-drying lube this is ideal for anal sex and fisting! This versatility means that it is ideal for those who like to experiment in the bedroom, and want a lube that can keep up with them all night! While a lube in powder form may seem a little strange at first, you’ll find that mixing it up is so, so easy and takes hardly any time at all.

Lasts for Months

Comes in a huge 284g flip cap style bottle which should last for a long time! A little goes a long way with J Lube, and you’ll find that you use a lot less of it than you would any other lubricant. So it makes sense to pay for quality that will last you for a long time, rather than needing to shop for lesser lubes more frequently. If you have an active love life, then J Lube lubricant will become a firm favourite in your bedroom.

Perfect for Fisting

You’ll be pleased to know that J Lube is very slippery, and this makes it perfect for fisting. As anyone who has tried fisting will know, you often need to stop to reapply lube, and these constant breaks can somewhat ruin the mood. With J Lube lubricant, you’ll find that it just keeps going, and going, without drying out quickly. So you can just concentrate on having a great time in the bedroom, safe in the knowledge that your lube will see you through plenty of fisting fun!

A Revolutionary Powder Formula

Here at Esmale, we stock a wide range of lubes. You’ll find silicone lubes, numbing lubes, water based – every kind of lubricant you can think of! So it’s fair to say that we cater to a diverse group of customers. One thing that they all seem to have in common is their love for J Lube! It is one of the consistent top-selling lubes at Esmale – and considering our impressive range that is no mean feat! So when you pick some up, you know that it’s a lube every man can use and love.

Originally Used by Vets

An interesting fact about J Lube is that it was originally designed for veterinary use. As you can imagine, a lube used in that setting would need to be super-thick and slippery. Those qualities are what made it so popular with people – and now it’s a favourite in bedrooms rather than veterinary surgeries! If you want a seriously heavy duty lube, then this is the one for you.

J Lube is Perfect for Sensitive Skin

If you or your partner find that some lubes can irritate their skin, then it can be hard to find a lubricant that is comfortable to use as well serving its purpose. Luckily for you, J-Lube is completely inert and non-irritating. So many people who have had problems with other lubes, many of whom had given up on having the sex of their dreams, have come to rely on this one. Delicate on your most intimate areas without sacrificing on effectiveness, this is a lube that offers our customers the best of both worlds.

Use Condoms with Confidence

It’s really important to practise safe sex, but unfortunately some lubes just don’t work with condoms. That’s why so many of our customers love J Lube. As well as being extremely long-lasting and versatile, it's also completely condom-friendly. So you can enjoy the sex that you have been dreaming of, but stay safe as well. If you’re planning to hook up with a few different partners while you are playing the field, then a bottle of J Lube should be the first thing on your shopping list!

J Lube Lubricant is Easy to Clean

You know how it is. You enjoy an incredible evening of naughty fun, and then afterwards you are covered in lube that’s sticky, tacky, and really hard to clean off. Again, this is where J Lube comes out on top. It can be easily removed with water and some table salt, leaving no sticky residue for you to contend with. So while it’s super slick and won’t dry out all night, it won’t stay on you for a minute longer than you want it to! That’s why so many of our customers can’t get enough of it, as it turns cleaning up after sex into a total breeze.

Ingredients: polyethylene, polymer 25%, dispersing agent 75%.

It Pays to Shop with Us

You can spend and save on every item ordered with Esmale Bonus Points! Just sign up to our rewards scheme, and we will add points to your balance every time you shop with us. Once you have enough points, you can redeem them on future purchases. Whether that’s another tub of J Lube or something else is up to you – but you’ll love how much you can save! You can also count on discreet packaging from the Esmale team, with fast global delivery!

Why Customers Love J Lube Powder

Good Lube is Essential

When you’re planning a naughty night in, it’s easy to forget the lube. For many guys, lubricant is just an afterthought, and they’ll pick up the first one that they see. However, it is so important to invest in a lube that won’t dry out during sex. Dryness can lead to split condoms and even intimate injuries. Both of these can lead to a higher chance of you contracting an STI. If you pick up a tub of J Lube, you can be sure that things will stay slick, slippery and safe all night long – so you can have sex with peace of mind.

A New Kind of Lube

Many of our customers are only familiar with lube in a liquid form and are a little confused when they find out that one of our bestselling lubricants is in fact a powder. Some don’t even give it a chance, thinking that they’ll save time and effort by picking up a liquid lube. However, it couldn’t be easier to make up all the J Lube you need for an evening of fun. Just follow the simple instructions on the bottle and you’ll have the lube of your dreams in no time at all – and you’ll save time in the long run but not needing to reapply as often!

Less is More When You Use J Lube

If you enjoy an active sex life, it can feel as if you never stop shopping for lube! However, if you make the switch to J Lube, you’ll notice that you’re not shopping nearly as often. Our huge tub lasts for a long time, thanks to the quantity that you get and the fact that you only need to use a little of it for your bedroom fun. It’s so easy to store as well, with a seriously impressive shelf life. Once you’ve made the switch, you won’t go back!

We Find the Best Products

Here at Esmale, we source products that we are sure that you will love. We’re always looking for products that are unique, easy to use and will totally transform the love lives of our customers. That’s why we are so pleased to be able to bring J Lube to you. It’s a product that has developed a huge following and being one of the leading stockists means that we can share the magic with everyone! We love it so much – and we are sure that you will as well.

Read Our J Lube Lubricant Reviews

It’s all well and good us telling you how great J Lube is – but you want to hear from people just like you. That’s why we encourage everyone who shops with us to leave honest, impartial reviews. Just take a look at some of the amazing things that people have said about J Lube, making it one of the most popular products on our site. Once you have seen just how much our other customers love it, you’ll feel really confident in picking up a bottle for you to have fun with at home!

We’re Here to Help

We know that shopping for lube, toys and other bedroom goodies can be a little overwhelming – especially if you are new to some more experimental fun. We are here for you every step of the way. You can get in touch with us to chat about any of the products that we sell on our site. Our friendly and knowledgeable team members are here to answer all of your questions, and will even be able to advise you on which of our products would be perfect for you.

Delivery with a Difference

When you order some new lube from Esmale, you can count on speedy UK delivery. We know that you can’t wait to get your hands on your new purchase, which is why as soon as we receive your order, we will start processing it as quickly as possible. We send all orders out in plain, discreet packaging. We know that our customers value their privacy, so will never put them in an embarrassing situation. That’s why many first time shoppers become repeat customers, as they know that we’ll always act with them in mind and put their needs first.

Why Shop at Esmale?

Here at Esmale, we want to bring you the best adult products at the best possible prices. When you purchase J Lube here, you’ll be able to save money on one of the highest quality, innovative lubes on the market. Whether you are trying it out for the very first time or you’re already a fan, a tube of J Lube powder is the perfect thing to add to your collection. It’s not just one of the most popular lubes on our site – it’s actually one of our most popular products overall.

Enjoy Your New Lube!

Once you have received your lube, a night of fun awaits! As you can use it for anal sex and other forms of extreme play like fisting, the only limit is your own imagination! So many of our customers can’t get enough of this lube, and we are sure that you’ll feel the same. If you do – don’t forget to leave a review! Then another J Lube virgin will see just how revolutionary this product can be!

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