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Fleshjack Ice Jack Crystal Butt Masturbator Fleshjack Ice Jack Crystal Butt Masturbator

Fleshjack Ice Jack Crystal Butt Masturbator

Price:  £51.99
Special offer price:  £46.79
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See yourself like never before the Fleshjack Ice Jack Bottom Crystal male masturbator features a clear sleeve and case so you can see the action as it happens.

What makes the Fleshjack Ice Jack Crystal Butt Masturbator the best selling male masturbator in the world:
•    Clear sleeve for enhanced stimulation.
•    High quality intense wanking.
•    Best value
•    Easy to use, clean and re-use
•    Strong stimulation

Fleshjack Ice is available with the exclusive Crystal inner texture which has been designed to stimulate your penis with distinctive sensations throughout. As you explore the sleeve you'll begin to appreciate the subtle nuances each uniquely shaped pleasure chamber has to offer.

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. --Excellent
After a fairly active week had no great urge for any relief for a few days. However, the Fleshjack Ice Crystal arrived today and well -I just had to give it a run!! Not disappointed. I soaked the sleeve in hot water first and what a sensation once I slipped in. The 'afterglow' also seemed completely different in a positive way. Don't know why I waited so long to get one.

worth it

. --Good
Well it really does live up to the hype, my legs are still shaking now. Bit of advice, before the first use soak it a give it a rinse cause mine had a slight dry powder on it. Only dislike i had is that the bottom does not adjust in the slightest, there doesn't seem to be a bottom cap on mine, so it was very tight when i would have preffered it to loosen a bit
James B

Great for Couples

. --Excellent
This is our first fleshjack product and we would highly recommend it to others! It's texture is very stimulating and the ice (transparent) cover and sleeve makes it perfect for couples to see through. Very sexual!


. --Excellent
This is an amazing product! Used it for the first time and it felt so tight and comfortable. Definitely highly recommend this product. It's texture is smooth and soft. I always wanted to try one of these toys and I'm glad I did! Easily washable for the next round aswell. Defo worth every pound.

butt boy

. --Excellent
I am a total butt boy and when I saw this Fleshjack Ice Jack Bottom Crystal at the esmale store I thought I NEED to have this Fleshjack!

I received this Fleshjack yesterday and I have used it 3 times already, my goodness it is so horny! It really suck you dry.

I love that the Fleshjack is clear so you can see it going in and out, lovely.

I quess I need to make sure I don't overuse my Fleshjack because I want to make sure I am not running on empty when I pull someone, lol